Main Program

The Main Program subcommittee will be responsible for the development of the annual Main Program. Members on this subcommittee will be responsible for researching the program topic and speakers. Once a topic has been chosen, they will build speaker packets and topic information documents.


Operations deals with the logistics of any Wiley program. In order to have a successful event, preparation must be made months before the program. The Operations subcommittee has the responsibility of acquiring accommodations for the speakers and special guests, planning the speaker's itinerary, making room arrangements, and completing any other operations related activity. In addition to participation in the committee as a whole, an individual on the Operations subcommittee is expected to participate heavily on the day of programs.


Marketing serves to promote the identity and purpose of the lecture series, as well as to attract large audiences to our programs. The target audience ranges from the Texas A&M student body to surrounding communities and the greater Texas community. Numerous media outlets are employed to accomplish this goal, including the production and distribution of fliers, the acquisition of newspaper and magazine articles, local TV interviews, and speaking engagements in classes or at Aggie Moms Clubs, etc. Marketing will also deal with market research and surveys as they are conducted throughout the year.

Student Development

Students who assist in student development are responsible for production of retreats, socials, and general committee meetings. This subcommittee shall also be responsible for educating committee members on appropriate dress and etiquette at Wiley events.


This subcommittee secures all committee funding for the year at hand, while fostering relationships with former students. Through correspondence and office visits, we maintain all contributor relations. Personal contact with contributors, grant writing, and attaining corporate gifts are the main goals of this year's team. The relationships you will make with the contributors provide valuable skills and contacts in the business world.