Membership in the MSC Wiley Lecture Series

“Through the Symposia sub-committee, you are the closest to fulfilling Wiley’s mission statement of broadening the educational experience at Texas A&M with intensive research and constantly using those critical thinking skills.”
Jeevan Varghese '18

MSC Wiley Lecture Series Subcommittees

Student Driven

The Wiley Lecture Series is organized entirely by students. No other lecture series of this magnitude can make a similar claim. The selection of topics for the series is entirely at the students’ discretion. Once a topic has been determined, the students select appropriate speakers and begin to make arrangements for their appearances. A source of pride for the Wiley representatives is the fact the chosen topics are generally viewed as major world policy issues.

Main Program

The Main Program subcommittee is responsible for the development of the annual Main Program. Members on this subcommittee are active in researching the program topic and speakers. Once a topic has been chosen, they will build speaker packets and topic information documents. This subcommittee offers experience in event coordinating, business etiquette and professionalism.


Symposia is responsible for organizing the multiple lectures and discussions Wiley hosts throughout the year. Annually, this group spearheads a U.S. Constitution Day lecture. Members are active in researching topics and speakers. The subcommittee also builds speaker packets and information documents. This subcommittee is great for students wanting to gain experience in event coordinating and professionalism.


Marketing serves to promote the identity and purpose of the lecture series, as well as attract large audiences to our programs. The target audience ranges from the Texas A&M student body to surrounding communities and the greater Texas community. Numerous media outlets are employed to accomplish this goal, including the production and distribution of fliers. The subcommittee offers students experience in advertising, graphics, public speaking and photography.

Social Media

Social Media attracts new audiences to our programs through the use of multiple different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The subcommittee also offers a hands on experience with the Wiley website and YouTube page. Students in the subcommittee can gain experience in marketing, social media, graphics and web design.


This subcommittee secures all committee funding for the year at hand, while fostering relationships with former students. Through correspondence and office visits, the group maintains all contributor relations. Personal contact with contributors, grant writing and attaining corporate gifts to finance programs is the focus of this subcommittee. The relationships made with the contributors provide valuable skills, networking opportunities and contacts in the business world.

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