Membership in the MSC Wiley Lecture Series 


The MSC Wiley Lecture Series is a student-led, student-driven organization – a claim that very few other lecture series of its size and prestige can make, and one that members take very seriously. Decisions regarding program topics, speaker selection, and committee organization are left entirely to the discretion of students. Once a program strategy has been determined, members are responsible for ensuring all necessary arrangements are made, including speaker agreements, advertising, and venue reservations.

Members of the MSC Wiley Lecture Series are placed in one of five Wiley subcommittees: Main Program, Symposia, Marketing, Development, and Student Development. Within these subcommittees, members can serve in a variety of roles, but all members are involved in the process of planning and managing events. Members commonly come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, but each is given an opportunity to grow in their understanding of international affairs, to develop their professional skills and social awareness, and to become a committee leader.

Wiley members are also invited to attend social events, network with MSC and university personnel, and build relationships with other members. All members receive access to the Student Programs Office workspace.


Main Program

The Main Program subcommittee is responsible for the development of the annual Main Program of the MSC Wiley Lecture Series. Members on this subcommittee are active in researching the program topics and speakers. Once a topic has been selected, members will work together to build speaker packets, prepare speaker accommodations and briefs, and reserve venues. This subcommittee offers experience in event coordination and business etiquette.


Symposia organizes the several small-scale lectures and discussions Wiley hosts throughout the year. This group spearheads the committee’s annual Constitution Day lecture and works to tailor its programs for the students of Texas A&M. Members are active in researching topics and speakers, as well as building speaker packets and compiling topic information documents. Members will gain experience in event coordination and professional networking.


Marketing is tasked with attracting audiences to lectures and promoting the presence of Wiley on campus. Members work to contact students and organizations within the university, as well as local and Greater Texas community members. A wide variety of strategies are employed to accomplish these goals, including both physical ads and digital advertising. The subcommittee offers students experience in marketing, graphic design, budget management, and mass communication.

Marketing is also charged with running Wiley’s social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and managing the committee website. The subcommittee offers hands-on experience in web building and public relations.


The Development subcommittee secures committee funding while working to foster meaningful relationships with former students and contributors. Through correspondence, office visits, and development events, members are committed to supporting Wiley’s relationships with its contributors. Reaching out to potential contributors, grant writing, and corporate gift applications are the other focuses of the subcommittee. Development helps its members to cultivate invaluable skills in networking, business etiquette, and fundraising.

Student Development

Student Development is tasked with the recruitment and professional development of Wiley members. This subcommittee is responsible for collecting member dues, running meetings, and placing orders for necessary committee resources. Members also have the opportunity to arrange Wiley social events and to help educate other members during trainings. Members of Student Development will practice their hand at interpersonal communication, marketing, and human resource management.