The MSC Wiley Lecture Series is a showcase featuring world-renowned speakers discussing thought-provoking topics of global significance. MSC Wiley is a student-led organization that augments education through the development of leadership and responsibility. The series provides Texas A&M students with opportunities to complement their classroom education by allowing them to directly interact with the men and women who influence the world.


The MSC Wiley Lecture Series broadens the educational experiences of the Texas A&M community by providing thought-provoking programming on national and foreign policy issues.


Through our programs, we wish to educate the audience on matters of public policy interest and develop the global awareness of the Texas A&M University community while providing an environment for student development.

“Wiley has consistently taught me about the importance of being aware of what impacts the world, and has really allowed me to deepen my understanding of the unexpected ways global society works.”

Jeevan Varghese '18