What is Main Program? 

The MSC Wiley Lecture Series was founded in 1982 to bring some of the world’s most renowned public leaders, policy officials, and academic experts to Texas A&M University. To this day, Main Program remains the central fixture of this mission. Presented once a year, Main Program takes the form of a lecture or panel discussion presented in a large forum at Texas A&M. The event typically boasts an in-house audience of around 2500 attendees.

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What is Symposia? 

The MSC Wiley Lecture Series also has the privilege of hosting smaller-scale programs throughout the school year called Symposia. Symposia offer audiences a wider range of topics and a more intimate setting than Main Program while still featuring a variety of noteworthy individuals. Symposia also have the advantage of being more tailored to students, commonly engaging with challenging and topical subjects relevant to Aggies.

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